Links for 2004-09-25 []

Links for 2004-09-25 []

  • Murdered Hong Kong dealer’s daughter vows to carry on business
    Compelling story of how someone can pick up the pieces and carry on
  • Unfortunately named authors
    b3ta again does something which makes you wonder -- "Why didn't I think of that?"
  • IMAX Film Festival 2004
    10am - 10pm. I would want to stay all day. The world would probably seem very small afterwards.
  • Film of the Day: Belle Epoque (1992)
    The spirit of Chaucer lives on in Spanish farce.
  • Acorn User
    Waves of nostalgia for the type-in listings section of old.
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 (R2) in October
  • Star Wars Galaxies coder offers forceful expression
    Spoof or interesting way to hand in your P45? You decide. I really should stop reading's rss feed. Profanity assured.
  • 'I was randy for martyrdom'
    Fabulously barmy interview with Tom Baker. Don't forget he's appearing in 'Monarch of the Glen' on BBC One from Sunday.

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