Liverpool Biennial Map Key

Art Anyone who's had a chance to visit anything at the Liverpool Biennial will have possibly encountered one of their little orange booklets which tells the visitor what's on and where. It includes a map of Liverpool with the numbers marking were all the venues are and these match numbers next to the name of the places and exhibitions in the rest of the booklet. So all you have to do it look through the booklet and when you see something interesing, look for the number on the map and there you are.

Which is fine to a point. The problems occur if you try and work backwards. For example, you're at the FACT Centre and you want to see what else is on in the area. You find that gallery on the map but all you can see around it are a cluster of numbers. So you pick a number then go off flicking through the pages looking for it. The booklet mostly split into two sections -- the orange for the international section of the Biennial and light blue for independent, and the venue addresses and descriptions are all sort of mixed in together so other than looking across every single page it can me quite a messy prospect finding anything.

I certainly found it intensely frustrating and time consuming on the opening day and eventually led me to just doing the main venues because it was easier (I'm not the only one -- I met a couple of people at the smaller venues I did manage to get who had just followed the map and ended up in some places which took ages to walk to and didn't turn out to be that interesting or open yet). All of this could have been solved if the publishers had included a quick reference key to which venues the numbers corresponded to, with page numbers so that the 'user' could just flick over and find out what's there.

I want to spend a few more days enjoying the independant section and mopping up the smaller venues, so to make it easier I've written myself a key which I've inserted into the booklet so when I'm on the street again trying to find anything I'll have more of an idea of where I'm going and what I'm doing. It's the simplest of things, but it has meant I've been able to do things like work out very fast what exhibitions are on close to work which I can visit in my lunch hour. I'm assuming I'm not the only person who would find this useful so I've included some links below in various formats so you can download and print a copy for yourself. I'm using the foldable version because it inserts neatly into the booklet but I've also included a clean version in Word and text if you want to try something else with it like print it up on a t-shirt (which could make you very popular and get you lots of attention).

Download the Foldable Liverpool Biennial Map Key as a Microsoft Word file
Download the Foldable Liverpool Biennial Map Key as an Adobe Acrobat file

Download the Standard Liverpool Biennial Map Key as a text document
Download the Standard Liverpool Biennial Map Key as a Microsoft Word file
Download the Standard Liverpool Biennial Map Key as an Adobe Acrobat file

Here also is the key inline so you can see what I mean...

Liverpool Biennial Map Key

Map no : Location (page no)

1 : The Walker Art Gallery (5, 34)
2 : Lime Street Station (8)
3 : BBC Big Screen (8)
4 : FACT Centre (8, 38)
5 : Biennal Centre (8)
6 : Liverpool Community College (9)
7 : Open Eye Gallery (9)
8 : Bluecoart Arts Centre (9)
9 : Church Alley (9)
10 : Canning Place (9)
11 : Merseyside Maritime Museum (9)
12 : Albert Dock (10)
13 : Tate Liverpool (10)
14 : Museum of Liverpool Life (10, 33)
15 : Pier Head (10)
16 : The Port of Liverpool Building (10)
17 : Wood Street (11)
18 : Liverpool Town Hall (11)
19 : Bispham House (11)
20 : The Palm House (11, 42)
21 : Independent District, Church Shed (21, 32)
22 : Canning Island (33)
23 : 12 Princes Dock (33)
24 : Quaker Meeting House (33)
25 : Boodle & Dunthorne (34)
26 : Conservation Centre (34)
27 : 26-33 Old Haymarket (34)
28 : County Sessions House (35)
29 : Mariott Hotel (35)
30 : Central Hall (35)
31 : Egg Space (35)
32 : Quiggins Gallery (36)
33 : Gostin House (36)
34 : St Petersberg Russian Restaurant (36)
35 : Metropole (36)
36 : Arena Gallery (36)
37 : Hoarding (37)
38 : The Kit (37)
39 : St Peter's Church (37)
40 : Static (37)
41 : Anglican Cathedral (38)
42 : St Bride's Church (39)
43 : John Moore's University Gallery (39)
44 : Blackburn House (40)
45 : Unity Theatre (40)
46 : The University of Liverpool Art Gallery (41)
47 : The University of Liverpool Senate House (41)
48 : Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre (41)
49 : Everyman Bistro (41)
50 : The Metropolitan Cathedral (41)
51 : The Cornerstone Gallery (42)
52 : L.issue Gallery @ The Urban Coffee Lounge (42)
53 : Sheil Park (42)
54 : Between the towerblocks of Lymecroft, Rydecroft and Dovercroft and Dealcroft (42)
55 : Wolstenholme Square, off Seel Street (24)

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