'What next?'

Life Last day of work today before a week's holiday. This particular period between vacations has felt particularly hard for some reason -- I have a theory that my entire being shuts down during Summer which means that I never get anything done, co-herent thought goes out of the window and I basically batten down the hatches until the cool weather returns. Hence the rather variable quality of the weblog because once I get home, I've watched a dvd and I come online the last thing I have the energy or inspiration for it writing these words. But the evening's are getting cooler so expect some choicer words now. Also to the surprise of some of the people reading this I'll be visiting Cardiff in Wales for a few days next week (shamelessly because it's were they're film the new Doctor Who) so if anyone has any ideas for great places to visit, let me know -- I'm particularly wanting a nice restaurant or live music venue for when I'm at a loose end in the evening.

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  1. Another holiday ?! You're getting as bad as me *lol*