'You're a feisty little one ...'

Film How can you set about reviewing the one trilogy of films which has been reviewed the most and in its latest incarnation has engaged more comment than ever before. I could present my argument as to why it's not so bad that Greedo shoots first; or that the new dialogue given to the Emperor strengthens Darth Vader's part; or that in fact the Ewoks aren't the worse thing that happened to cinema and are in fact a very good expression of Milton's pastoral themes. I could say all thsoe things. I'd planned to say those things in a much longer review. But what I really want to say is:

Thanks George. That's great.


  1. I think my anti-Greedo resolve has been weakened by the side-by-side screenshot comparisons I saw yesterday. The movies do indeed look... dare I say it... awesome. Going to snap them up next payday, I think.

    I do still want to see the Christmas Special on dvd, though.

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