DEAR intrested reality tv watcher

Spam Is this the most ellaborate example of the Nigerian scam yet? Look -- they're riding the wave of the zeitgeist! I'm not changing any of the formating from the email, so bare with it ...
DEAR intrested reality tv watcher
i am dapo ojo the producer of house 4 nigerian reality tv show and inviting you specially to take part , bcos you fit in this fun expedition
?House 4? is a unique, real life relationship and talent hunt programme [TV & Internet] where six housemates, representing the various diversities in THE WORLD are camped in a convivial atmosphere. They try to exhibit their natural traits and outdo one another in the commune in an attempt to win the star prize(s). In the course of their stay in the commune, the housemates will all learn how to build healthy relationships that will foster unity amongst YOUTH in spite of our cultural and religious diversities.
?House 4? is all about intrigues, suspense, fun, mystery, adventure, emotion, celebration, self-confidence and ___expression with no religious, cultural or gender barriers.
i must say that you are a great fan of being a room mate which i want you to partake in it this 2005 ,Reality TV is YOUR favorite type of tv to watch! YOU love it! Mainly because theres nothing fake about it its just real ,so i am highly invited you to become a room mate in this 2005 house 4 event taking place in nigeria , this june , you can visit our website for more details , and find out more .so there are many people from different national backgrounds and nationality , so there are great chances tom meet more people and make good friends .it will be great fun to represent your country and feel amoung the youth of the worlds and make friends no matter your stautuS whether single or married, mum or father
. the price 4 the future to be come popular it is not a must but i wanna let u know the game ..
all ticket to and fro from your home all taken care of and transporatation feeding accomadation during the event will be taken care of If you decide to participate in our project
this is from my private email adress so reply me here
dapo ojo

Interesting that they don't ask for money or bank account details yet. I wonder how many emails down the line that'll happen? Should be noted that his personal email address is presented courtesy of Yahoo.


  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    am interested in participating in your tv house 4show

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