'Girls who are boys who do girls who are boys...'

Film Just dipping in as I clean my teeth to recommend to everyone that one of this year's great films Stage Beauty turns up on BBC Two at 9.20pm tonight. Its being shown just three months after a theatrical release (hell, even the dvd isn't out yet). Expect a dark version of Shakespeare In Love with Clare Danes and Billy Crudup. I'm not sure if this hurts its Oscar chances though.

Links for 2004-12-16 [del.icio.us]

Links for 2004-12-16 [del.icio.us]

  • Dark Materials film-maker quits
    "It will be an extraordinary film, but at this point in my life I am not the right director to bring it to pass," said Chris Weitz, who also directed American Pie. [pauses for emphasis]
  • Damn The Man, Save The Vertigo!
    Touching obituary for a video rental store
  • The Star Wars Holiday Special turns up at ifilm
    Happy Life Day!
  • And the honorees are ...
    USA Today's quirky but totally right list of 100 people of 2004. (except -- Courtney Love!?!)
  • Film of the Day: [safe]
    Todd Hayne's film about a woman having an allergic reaction to the modern world.
  • family, 1950s.
    Caro has posted some lovely old photos of her family.
  • sweet electric jesus!
    What can happen when religion and kitch collide
  • Krankie hurt in beanstalk tumble
    Get well soon Wee Jimmy...
  • 'Yes. But...'

    The Buses On my home tonight. I've run like mad again to get to the bus and I'm the last person getting on. To save me and the driver some time I just shout up to him from the kerb through the open doors ...
    Me: Is this bus an 80?
    Him: No.
    Me: So what bus is it?
    Him: It's not an 80.
    Me: Yes ... but ...

    The Scottish Play Street

    The town planning department in Liverpool must have been literature buffs at some time in their history. In the L20 area, we find a slew of street named after characters from Shakespeare's plays. As well Macbeth Street, there is Viola Street, Bianca Street, Orlando Street, Beatrice Street, Benedict Street, Olivia Street and Rosalind Way. Arguably Exeter Road could also be included because of the connection with the history plays.

    Links for 2004-12-14 [del.icio.us]

    Links for 2004-12-14 [del.icio.us]

  • RSS frenzy
    Nice Metafilter thread which rounds up the RSS buzz and why I'm now working my way through 134 updates feeds
  • errorwear: embrace your computer problems
    Blue screen t-shirts of death. Why is this so cool?
  • Set your television to wow
    HDTV broadcasts will turn up in the UK -- eventually. BBC due online in 2010 ... expect live coverage of the return of the monolith.
  • The Magic Christmas Tree
    We had many of these last year. They really do work and look like the photo ...
  • Julia Roberts to quit film to be a mum
  • The new Monty Python musical "Spamalot" detailed in The New Yorker
    Sounds like a winner. Article includes a pretty good Python potted history to boot.
  • The Alpha Bloggers
    Predictably includes some people you've never heard of ...
  • The Sherlock Holmes Society of London!
    The Great Detective in a comprehensive website
  • Excellent essay regarding 'Rear Window'
  • 1000 number ones
  • "Ten years!"

    Blog! St Bart's Class of 1980 25th Reunion Weblog The reunion is happening next June and the participants are blogging their exploits up until then. Is this the new way of doing Friends Reunited? Hold on lads ... I've got an idea ...

    'Like, y'know, or something...'

    MSCL Waves of nostalgia as I read:
    ""My So-Called Life:" "So-Called Angels"

    A decade after its 15-episode (sic) run, the "My So-Called Life" holiday special still holds a place in my heart and brings a tear to my eye. The show is filled with actions and quotes of angst-ridden teenagers (i.e., "Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas."), yet this episode ironically captures the true meaning of the holidays and brings the entire cast (including poor Brian Krakow) together in the end. It's, like, deep, in this, like, meaningful way. Yeah."
    Still up for a reunion Clare?

    'Tree degrees.'

    Christmas I've tried to avoid office parties this year. In some cases it's because there is family stuff to do. In others it's just that for me Christmas is a rest period -- it's a time to get away from all the messy stuff which flies about the rest of the year. It's about not having to worry about making appearances. It's about family -- the one time of the year when that's the important thing above everything else. I've spoken in the past about how buying presents is the thing I really love. This year it seems to have been more difficult, not because I don't know what to buy -- it's because I know what I want to buy but it's just not there. All I can find are useless generic things which frankly don't look like they require much thought and in the case of some of the department stores are insultingly uninspiring. Thank goodness for continental Christmas markets and factory outlets.

    'No water.'

    Liverpool Life Somewhat predictably the new fountain which opened in Williamson Square, Liverpool which I mention the other week is turned off and has fencing all around it. I overheard a passer-by / pensioner / member of the public asking a workwoman what was going on. Her explanation was 'routine maintenance'. I remain sceptical -- it's only been working for a week and there is already a JCB back on site. One new addition is a sigh on the nearby control cupboard saying that 'This isn't drinking water' -- I wonder if that's related. I'll keep you posted.

    'My one. My own. My ....'

    Life I'm still here by the way. It's that time of year when Peter Jackson moves amongst us with his works and everything stops. So again, as was the case the last two years, things have gone a bit quiet around here while I work my way through the latest Lord of the Rings release. And as usual it's a monster with a four movie, four commentaries and about eight hours worth of extra documentaries. To be honest I know exactly how Frodo feels about the one ring. This is one of those releases which is all consuming, so honestly don't expect anything other than photos, links and some light words thrown into the odd sentences for the next few days (in other words this'll be something of a link blog punctuated by photos).

    Another wedding photo


    Another wedding photo
    Originally uploaded by feelinglistless.

    A blurry candid shot of something happening. Whatever's happening behind the little girl's head, the man seems to think it's highly amusing.

    Laura Baldwin changes coaches...

    The Road To Beijing According to Yachting Universe Laura Baldwin has signed with a new coach:
    "(She) has signed up with Europe 2004 Olympic Gold Medallist Siren Sundby's Coach, Thomas Guttormsen along with two other Scandinavian sailors; Elin Samdal from Norway and Karin Soderstrom from Sweden. The Team was set up before ISAF changed the Women's Single-handed Class from the Europe to the Laser Radial however, it was decided by all concerned to continue with the new partnership."
    On that same page we learn that Laura has an official website on which she's looking for donations -- also has a good news page.

    An Appeal

    Appeal Did anyone happen to videotape the documentary about Richard Linklater which just finished on Channel 4 in the UK? I completely forgot it was on. If anyone can lend or make me copy I'll be very, very grateful ...

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    Links for 2004-12-11 [del.icio.us]

  • St Bart's Class of 1980 25th Reunion Weblog
    The reunion is happening next June and the participants are blogging their exploits up until then. Is this the new way of doing Friends Reunited? Hold on lads ... I've got an idea ...
  • Inspired by the $ounds of music
    On another issue: I have soundtracks I love to films that I've never seen. I have a feeling I'd be disappointed if I did see the film because I'd think the music had been used wrongly.
  • Worst Christmas on record
    Musical mistakes during the festive season
  • Salad bar hacking
    This is one of my Dad's past times.
  • Video Gaming as Spectator Sport
    Tries to describe this as a new concept. Fails. Completely ignores eight years of GamesMaster.