Rip Tide.

Books The first of the Eighth Doctor novellas published by TELOS, Rip Tide is also the most accessible. Told from the convincing point of view of a late-teen in a Cornish fishing village, apart from a couple of swears it would fit just as well amongst the YA tie-ins to the revived television series, with its low stakes storyline and attention to detailing contemporary Earth. Seventeen year old Nina becomes suspicious of Ruth, journalist who's hanging around with her big brother Steve, a lifeboatman recently involved in an incident with a body which has been washed against the shore who is slowly becoming weaker in something which resembles radiation poisoning.  Eventually the Doctor becomes involved and the two of them work towards a solution.  If that sounds a bit vague, it's because the plot is gossamer thin that anything else would be a spoiler.  Now that I think about it, Rip Tide's also structured in much the same way as Rose, with this mysterious bloke hovering in the background until he isn't, although in this case rather than giving speeches about the turn of the world, he's inviting her into the TARDIS and burbling about Gallifrey from the off.  Writer Louise Cooper's Eighth Doctor is a bit generic in the "my dear girl" sense, showing signs of having been written based on a viewing of just the TV Movie and some memories of the classic series rather than a deep knowledge of the BBC Books or Big Finish audios.  Which is oddly enough quite refreshing because who is the Eighth Doctor anyway?  Placement: In Sam's Greenpiece interregnum.  I beginning to think of that period as when Eighth travelled alone for a bit getting used to this incarnation after the initial traumas.