Radio Control.

TV  In this month's Doctor Who Magazine, Eddie Robson's written a brilliant survey of the kinds of radio programmes available on BBC Sounds related to our favourite franchise.  Of course the problem is printed pages don't have hyperlinks, so I thought I'd do everyone a favour and present a list of the programmes he mentions with links to where you can listen to them.  You should of course buy a copy of the magazine because his text provides a lot more structure.

Some notes:  I've separated them out into alphabetical order by programme title then episode, apart from Desert Island Discs which puts the Doctors first.  Jon Perwtee also appeared on DID, but his episode is missing from the archive, but I've included a link so at least you can see his choices.  Also, The Sound of TV has already dropped off BBC Sounds, but I've put a link in anyway just in case its repeated.

Afternoon Concert

Archive on 4

BBC Proms

Desert Island Discs

Great Lives

The Infinite Monkey Cage

In Touch



The Reunion

Saturday Live

Susan Calman's Mrs Brightside

Thinking Allowed

The Verb


Woman's Hour

waitrose liverpool

Web  As I've mentioned previously I have a Google Alert set up for the words waitrose AND liverpool in the hopes that one say it'll feature an article for the shop opening its doors somewhere closer to me than Formby.  Still no news, but I did learn recently about a salmonella scare in relation to their Green Pesto with Basil.  Products have been recalled.

Casey Cep of The New Yorker writes here about the serendipity of Google Alerts and it has to be said her discoveries, especially about herself, are far more interesting than potentially dangerous pecan nuts:

"Google Alerts exercise no judgment, so, in addition to sending you to your ex-boyfriend’s blog alongside The New York Review of Books, they fail to warn you the former is complaining that you got tenure before he did, while the latter is praising your academic research. As a result, they are not for the squeamish, since the good, the bad, and the unreadable appear together without any warning; the service promises content that is new, not content that is useful or desirable."

As she says, it seems to work best with topics that are either incredibly niche or very broad.  This also reminds me I need to sort of my inbox.

The Mary Whitehouse Experience.

TV  Sorry, I couldn't come up with a better title for this post.  You probably clicked expecting something about the "you could do a lot better" sketch or Ray or "that's you that is" but this is actually about Doctor Who again.  I was thinking about the exhibitions in Cardiff and London and thought inserting the name of the late censorious nonagenarian would be funny before realising it suggested something else which is how we ended up in this opening paragraph length disclaimer.

This Saturday's instalment of BBC Radio 4's Archive on 4 strand is Disgusted, Mary Whitehouse in which Samira Ahmed talks about the life and work of the person who's complaint about Doctor Who led to them physically vandalising and transmission tape after spending months reading through her diaries at the Bodleian Library (not all heroes wear capes).  

On his blog, in a post with with a much better title than this, one of the producers Simon Gurrier talks about the production and in greater depth about Whitehouse's enmity with the Time Lord and the extent to which her criticism had some foundation:

"Right from the beginning of Doctor Who, there had been questions about how suitable it was for children. Opinion on this was “strongly divided” at the executive meeting of the BBC’s Television Programme Planning Committee on 4 December 1963 - after just two episodes of the series had been broadcast. The following week it looked like the programme might be moved to a later time in the schedule, though this was over-ruled by Head of Drama (and co-creator of Doctor Who) Sydney Newman."

Whitehouse will be voiced in the documentary by Lisa "Bernice Summerfield" Bowerman if you need any more incentive to tune in.