"I've spoken to erm ... a few ..."

TV This morning Jodie Whittaker gave her first broadcast interview since the news to 6 Music's Shaun Keaveny while publicising her new drama vehicle Trust Me in which she (ironically) plays someone pretending to be a doctor at just the moment when she herself is going to be playing the Doctor.

The entire audio of the interview is here and there a video clip here in which she offers some of the most expressively Doctorish gesticulations since Matt Smith's appearance on his reveal show. In few of her roles, which tend to towards the dower, is she able to tap into this expressively sunny side and let's hope she's allowed to a lot of this for Who.

Brilliantly she knows what's about to happen in the process of mentally preparing herself. She knows that to some extent her life's about to change, that like no other role, everyone is going to have an opinion (sorry!) globally but fortunately she says she's not on any social media so she's shielded from idiots like me.

BBC News has a video interview of her saying much the same things in a more sober voice:

God, she's going to be great.