Lockdown Links 2.2

Covid-19: Liverpool mass-testing finds 700 cases with no symptoms:
"Public Health England director Dr Susan Hopkins said nearly 100,000 people had been tested over the last 10 days. She stressed that these positive cases would have not been detected otherwise."

Ga. secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude legal ballots:
"Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said Monday that he has come under increasing pressure in recent days from fellow Republicans, including Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), to question the validity of legally cast absentee ballots in an effort to reverse President Trump’s narrow loss in the state."

A holiday diamond in the rough: An oral history of The Family Stone:
"The star-studded cast revisits the making of their 2005 angsty Christmas classic."

Not My Job: We Quiz Comic Chelsea Peretti On The Chelsea Football Club:
"We've invited comic, writer and actor Chelsea Peretti — you may know her as self-involved administrator Gina Linetti from Brooklyn 99 — to answer three questions about The Chelsea Football Club, the English soccer team. Peretti's latest film is called Friendsgiving."

Keen to make new friends? Here are simple three techniques to try:
"I would love to have a friend who is like-minded and can give me their opinion when needed. Plus, my eldest child is going to start school next year, and it would be lovely if I had someone to share school tips with me."

Julia Stiles is “extremely embarrassed” by her stint on Ghostwriter
"A working actor since she was 11, Julia Stiles has spent literally all of her adult life in the public eye."

Been getting a lot of questions about the recent sale of my old masters. I hope this clears things up: 
"I just wanted to check in and update you guys. As you know, for the pastr year I've been actively trying to regain ownership of my master recordings. With that goal in mind, my team attempted to enter into negotiations with Scooter Braun."

Universal Strikes Deal With Cinemark Allowing Movies to Premiere On-Demand Early:
"Under their terms, any movie that earns more than $50 million in opening weekend ticket sales has to stay in theaters for at least 31 days, or five weekends. All other titles can be made available to rent on digital platforms after just 17 days."

Three Studios, Three Strategies: How COVID-19 Turned Film Releases Into a Free-for-All:
"Studios were always competitors, but after the pandemic are they all in the same business?"

Academy Museum Gives Debbie Reynolds Her Due as a Costume Conservator:
"When the “Singin’ in the Rain” actress was alive, the film academy turned up its nose at her fabled costume collection. Now it has gone to her son with hat in hand."