The Nineteenth Book I've Read This Year.

Books The author of numerous much thicker books about Agincourt offers a quick but dense survey of Henry V's life, referring only briefly to Shakespeare when necessary to debunk some of the outrageous myths. The general sense is that as with most of his "history" plays, Shakespeare concertinaed events for dramatic purposes, with the wedding to Catherine happening some time after the key battle rather than as though she was simply a prize for his victory.  But overall in following the distillations of the same chronicles which are still the bedrock of historical research into Henry V, Shakespeare's play is more accurate than some of his other works.

Virtual Exhibition of restored elements of Van Eyck's Ghent Altarpiece.

Art  Free 360 version of the show at The Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent with versions in English for Adults and Children (which is presented in the first person from an actor playing the painter).  The exhibition starts here.A couple of comments.
  • When you magnify an item, it appears in the aspect ration of the item not matter the shape which means when you zoom in, it's within that window, which can be tricky to look at.  
  • Also the tour includes the audio guide which suggests you press an A button for more detail.  Except that would be on the physical guide machine and isn't available virtually.
Other than that it's an excellent way of seeing an exhibition which most of us wouldn't otherwise have access to.  

There's also this curator's tour available: