"Oh fuck, they're going to find me out."

Film As seveal hundred commenters underneath notice, this interview with a very funny Carey Mulligan fails to mention the important keywords, "Doctor", "Who" "Sally", "Sparrow" or "Blink" but the section about her acting style more than makes up for it:
"Some people are at peace with their work," she reflects. "I always think, 'Oh fuck, they're going to find me out.' I mean, I still have days when I genuinely cannot act. There's a scene in every film which I look back on and think, 'That was the day I couldn't act.' It's there in Never Let Me Go – that scene where we're on the beach and Keira gives me Madame's address."

"I remember it: she turns her head and looks away. "That's because I couldn't act!" Mulligan says triumphantly. "I'd love to say it was a creative choice, but it wasn't. So I'm going to look away and hide, so the audience won't see that I'm bad at acting, that I'm really shit."
So in Blink when she turns her head, it's not just the Weaping Angels she's afraid of ...