Shakespeare First Folios: A Checklist

Books  Let's formalise things.  Since it looks like my latest mad project is going to be looking at all the extant First Folios either in person or on a screen, find after the fold a complete list of all the First Folios in existence as per Eric Rasmussen and Anthony James West's The Shakespeare First Folios: A Descriptive Catalogue.  Their version offers a bit more geographical detail but this list has been simplified for ease of use.  After each location you'll see that they're marked depending on whether the linked blog post talks about a Folio I've seen in the real world [RW], on screen [S].  I've also linked to a complete digital version [complete] where available and partial [partial] when it's just a page or two or the binding.  It's unlikely I'll be able to tick all of them off (especially if they're in a vault somewhere), but it's a finite goal.