Juggling History

The first recorded jugglers in history were in ancient Eygpt, evidence of which was found in the tomb of an unknown prince dating from the early 2000s B.C. The real question is how did it start? Someone was probably playing catch one day and wondered what would happen when he tried throwing two around and then he was showing off to his friends who bet him he couldn't do three.

More Exciting that Google

www This is interesting. While I was working earlier, I accidentally typed just 'www' into the search box at Google. As you'd expect it brought up the top results for that search. What I didn't expect is how low down in the list Google itself appears, considering it's supposed to be the biggest website on the planet.
I assumed that a seach engine would be pretty high in what is essentially a related search. There isn't a way to conclusive demonstrate this ranking, but seeing Yahoo!, AltaVista and Excite higher seems wierd to me. I didn't even know Excite, which was my favourite in the time before Google, was still a going concern (it certainly doesn't get the same press as Google or Yahoo! for that matter). Anyone have any suggestions as to why this might be?

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Links for 2005-01-07 [del.icio.us]

  • Streets of Putney
    I once worked in a record shop and the manager would play Julian Cope all day. Eventually I turned to him and said: "Is that Ralph McTell?" He wasn't happy. Can't see why.
  • Tsunami Badness: It's How You Behave In A Crisis That Counts
    I saw two men in town today with t-shirts and buckets with Earthquake Appeal emblazened on them. For some reason they didn't seem official.
  • Betty Blue actress weds prisoner
    Seems about right. I'll never forget showing the film to my friends at university. Look on their faces during the first five minutes...
  • The First Look at A SCANNER DARKLY
    Richard Linklater is bringing the style of 'Waking Life' to a film with a plot
  • The Donnas - I Don't Wanna Know (If You Don't Want Me)
  • thirtysomething - TVGuide says it's coming in to dvd in 2005!
    Yes I know it's Region One story, but it was fairly popular over here so a (2) might not be too far behind. As interesting perhaps is that a reunion film might be made for the big screen.
  • 'So follow the day ...'

    Life Today I'm going to start getting my life sorted out. Wish me luck!

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    Links for 2005-01-06 [del.icio.us]

  • All-Star Batman and Robin and All-Star Superman discussed at Metafilter
    I sometimes think about reading more than Astonishing X-Men, but I simply stand in Forbidden Planet and haven't a clue were to start. There seem to be five different Fantastic 4 series. Which one?
  • Women at CES
    Or not.
  • How to turn a t-shirt into panties
    I feel compelled to post this. I have questions about unisex.
  • Join Google, see the world
    It's times like this I wish I had broadband. Use other people's security webcams to check what's happening in places you've never heard of.
  • Starbucks Drinks Simplified (kinda)
    We don't get a fraction of these drinks in the UK. So no Caramel Apple Cider. Shame.
  • Shauny gets engaged.
    Crikey indeed.
  • Suw Charman on Six Apart's purchase of LiveJournal
    Excellent article. Will there be a series of these mergers over the next year or so as blogging becomes a market and forces prevail?
  • Disremembrance Friday: Caprice 'Oh Yeah'
    Bought both of Caprice's singles and judged them to be 'enjoyable'. Doubt she's recall them in that there house.
  • Bomb Alert


    Duke Street Incident
    Originally uploaded by Peter.

    Someone has posted a photo of a bomb alert in Liverpool City Centre tonight. It happened on Duke Street which meant that town was strangled in the middle of rush hour. I thankfully got out just in time. There was controlled explosion and as far as I've heard everything is ok.

    120-year-old tortoise adopts baby hippo

    Mark Frauenfelder at Boing Boing reports: "Some people in Kenya rescued a dehydrated baby hippo that had been separated from its herd. The released it into an enclosure in a sanctuary, and it ran over to a giant tortoise, and is now "inseparable" say officials."

    Review 2004: What I Watched: Epilogue

    I was originally going to include everything I hadn't seen everything of in the appendix, along with all of the music, books, magazines and newspapers to give a rounded picture of the media I enjoyed in 2004. But to be honest, if I tell you I like watching BBC News, listening to female singer songwriters and film soundtracks, read Empire, Doctor Who Magazine, Retro Gamer and The Guardian and it pretty much covers everything. Enough of the lists.


    What I inevitably learnt from the exercise is that I probably watch too many films. As I reviewed the contents of the diary before posting each day it was shocking actually how few days there were when I didn't watch some new film. It honestly hadn't occured to me that my consumption was so high especially when I consider that I haven't seen a tenth of what's out there to be discovered and that my grasp on film history is shakey at best. I watch Aguire: Wrath of God for the first time last night and it felt like an entrance into yet another world for exploring. Both exhilarating and maddening at the same time.

    It's hard to put my finger on what drives me on to see more, to increase my film literacy over other pursuits, especially reading. What makes it so difficult for me to read books as much as I'd like but so easy for me to watch a narrative in two or three hours? Is it as I said in the introduction that my attention span has been battened down over time that I can't following anything without pictures. My father wants me to read The Da Vinci Code. I've told him I'm waiting for the film. Depressing or depressing realism?

    More important than that, does it matter? The really good books won't disappear because I'm not reading them. Do we all at some point make a choice of the form our escapist fiction of choice is going to take, some go for pages, some for soaps and some like me for film, and are they all equally valid choices for the individual? They're all going to be mixed and matched to a degree but in most cases the percentages are going to be weighted in one direction.

    Even if the result of what turned into a project ended up a little bit flat in the reading, it demonstrated a couple of things. That I'm still willing to try new things and educate myself, even if that's just in new film making techniques and styles. That I'm probably addicted because it's the one thing keeping me sane at the moment. That I'm going to wait until at least December before I decide what I'm going to do about 2005. And that things are going to change around here.

    'Yeah I do feel a lot better thanks ...'

    TV No ... no ... mustn't watch ... but -- no -- but -- like ... look who's going to be on ...

    John McCririck: racing pundit
    Kenzie: Blazin' Squad singer
    Jeremy Edwards: Actor
    Lisa I'Anson: Radio 1 DJ
    Germaine Greer: Author
    Caprice: Model
    Brigitte Nielsen: Model
    Bez: Happy mondays singer

    Brigitte Nielson!?! Bez!?! Germaine Greer!?! I think I'll wait for the book which Greer will inevitably write about the experience. Although the idea of seeing her colleagues on Late Review picking over the experience would also be thrilling. Tom Paulin's smirk would be worth seeing alone.

    Links for 2005-01-04 [del.icio.us]

    Links for 2005-01-04 [del.icio.us]

  • Peter Rabbit gets hieroglyph tale
    "Beatrix Potter's classic children's book The Tale of Peter Rabbit has been translated into ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs by the British Museum."
  • The Package / Spies
    flickr as narrative form
  • Boys to men
    Hanson have grown up and want to be taken seriously. I suddenly feel very old.
  • True Films
  • Life Interupted
    Good explaination for my own rapidly reducing attention span
  • New York London Paris Munich's Tom has a better idea than release a charity single
    "take a song, a new song or an old song but ideally a good one, and sign over all future royalties to a charity. It would mean giving up money, but money the star doesn't have yet, and it doesn't mean producing more bloody CDs ..."
  • 'Conflicted and confused.'

    Life Three minutes didn't feel like enough. As I sat at my desk in work trying to think about the tsunami victims all the while keeping an eye on the clock I was helpless. None of the money I've donated feels like enough. I should be over there doing something, moving things, using my computer skills to catalogue whatever needs to be catalogued however tragic. I feel helpless, as though I was directly involved in way which doesn't just include a shared humanity. Even worse I feel like I should be apologising for all this. What silly, stupid, pointless person I must be.

    'I guess you aught to know I'm feeling very depressed...'

    h2g2 No solid link to anything yet, but Planet Magrathea reports: "Garth Jennings has just confirmed two amazing bits of casting in a mini-interview on BBC Radio 1. The voice of Marvin will be Alan Rickman and Bill Bailey will play the whale!" Tingling all over.

    Somebody's nicked me car!


    Somebody's nicked me car!
    Originally uploaded by feelinglistless.

    I'm sorry about the title, but this really does look like some old women giving what for to someone after stealing their vehicle and someone's taking a picture as evidence. I can just imagine the one in the front shouting: 'Go! Go! Go!'

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    Links for 2005-01-03 [del.icio.us]

  • Shakespeare for Babies
  • An Alt-Cabaret Diva
    To explain really. The New York Times on Nellie McKay. Very wierd that she's only cult following really over here, all things considered.
  • An Open Letter to British Telecom
    I keep getting emails from BT asking if I want to move to broadband briefly. Not likely if this story is anything to go by...
  • Publicity photos from h2g2
    This is an in-joke, but why iss Zaphod's made up to look like comedian Mitch Benn? Also Ford seems to know where his towel is.
  • The Guardian Monday interview: Belle de Jour
    via Internet Messenger. I missed her.
  • Sheryl Crow to release two albums in 2005
    I don't know. You wait three years and ...
  • 'Fear, Anger, Hate .... Suffering'
    Could this be the poster for Star Wars: Episode Three: Revenge of the Sith: Excuse for another colon?
  • 'Picture. Sound. OK, run VT...'

    Technology Finally I own a gadget which is cool for the sake of it. My parents gave me a DVD Video Recorder for Christmas. It's a Panasonic DMR-E55EB (pity they couldn't think of a catchier name) and I feel like I've stepped up the technological evolutionary ladder. It doesn't have a built in hard disk and it's not multi-format (which I'll come to later) but it makes a real difference to sit down and watch something without having to mess about with finding it on the video tape or making do with a smudgy picture or bad tracking. There are a few of these machines knocking around now and although I've only experienced others briefly, I can really recommend this one. Consider...

    DVD-Ram The old VHS/Betamax/V2000 rivalry is back, including the fear that you've invested in a dud. There are three basic re-writable formats of disc -- the DVD+RW, DVD-RW and DVD-Ram. Most of the really new players on the market will consume the first two simultaneously. The Panasonic uses its own proprietry format, the DVD-RAM. I should feel locked in, but assuming I treat them with care the dvds can be recorded on up to 100,000 times which is vastly more than the others. Also they're much prettier, with geometric shapes shining through both surfaces. The catch is they're also more expensive -- averaging at about £3.00 a disc. And since they last that long ... but DVD-Ram means ...

    TimeSlip Previously the reserve of PVRs, this excellent feature is just dreamy. The best way to explain is by example. I have a habit of missing the first two minutes of programmes. I'll remember something is on, turn on the tv then remember I need to go to the toilet and get a drink. So I'll get to Have I Got News For You after the guests have been introduced and spend the next half hour trying to work out who the random journalist they'd invited that week is because the name they contracted cancelled at the last minute. With this machine I can start recording as the programme begins, go and do what I need to do, then sit down and watch the programme from the start while the Panasonic records the end of it. I can even telling it when to stop beforehand. Perfect for watching the 9 o'clock film at 10pm without having to mess about with subscriptions to things like Sky+. The only downside is I've still got remember that things are on in the first place.

    Quality The recording I should explain simply isn't as good as some commercial disks. There isn't enough room on the discs for the information required. But the picture quality is only as good as the source. I've a Freeview box hooked into the back of it running from a portable receiver. So the quality isn't so good to begin with. So I don't gain anything recording on the highest level (XL) which allows for an hour of footage on the disc. The next setting (SL) offers two hours and is perfectly fine and looks much the same as the freeview broadcast anyway. The next setting down (LP) allows four hours and this literally looks like VHS. It's not great but for Friday night comedy or something you're not going to want to keep it will do. Then there is (EP), 8 hours on one disc. As you'd imagine this looks horrible but the sound is OK. It just looks out of focus but its still watchable, like a second generation vhs copy (without the picture roll and wigged out colour).

    Play Considering everything it's also a very good quality dvd player. I've been using a Wharfdale for years, but thats getting on a bit and even the greatest of discs are looking a bit unhealthy. The merest bit of dust or minor impact on the surface and everything grinds to a hault. The Panasonic on the other hand seems to be stripping as much information as it can from the discs to the extent they actually sometimes look worse because it doesn't try and gloss over or forgive lower bit-rates (ie, the amount of information stored on the disk for generating the picture and sound) showing up the releases were the people doing transfers have taken some shortcuts. The upside of this is when a film has been given a great transfer it looks really splendid. Trouble is on something like Lord Of The Rings its so good it shows up some of the faker special effects. Thank goodness the ultrafine RGB mode can be turned off if needed without too much of a reduction in quality.

    Sound There's an option for the sound to be pushed out of the speakers for a faux-sorround sound effect; a dialogue enhancer which raises the volume of the centre channel of the sound to make dialgue clearer. Both of these improve the overall quality of the sound to the degree that in some cases its like being there even without a multi-speaker set up. Although there are all the relevant holes in the back if that's what you want.

    MP3 This is the dvd player I've met which offers a complete file name when playing Mp3 files from a cd. If only they'd thought to include a random function but you can't have everything.

    The Look I realise that this is all clearly becoming a bit Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, but I wanted to mention the look. The player feels like a quality product in its silver livery. Unless you're paying a thousand pound these things have a habit of seems a bit cheap. But this has weight with my dad has always said is a good sign and the remote control has big, chunky clearly presented buttons, a big change from the pingy little light thing which came with cheap player we bought as a secondary for the balcony. Also some of the buttons have a raised edge to help the visually impaired, but which are also handy when you're fumbling around for the pause button in the dark. Overall just and excellent, excellent little thing.


    Film Natasha 'Strictly' Kaplinski of BBC News possibly reviews teen film 'The Skulls' at Amazon:
    "I have been an entertainment critic for some time now and I dont think I started watching this movie with the intent to see an Oscar winning movie. I think in the end, with movies like this one, they have to be judged on whether the movie was entertaining or not; and this one was...just barely."
    Hard to judge if it's a spoof but it was posted before she was very famous. Wierd that there's only one though. Seems to have taken a shine to Paul Walker.

    FOR SALE: Laura Baldwin

    Road To Beijing Sailer Laura Baldwin has put some of her Athens Olympic gear up for sale at her website. £5000 will buy you a Team GBR Olympic Europe Dinghy...

    'I don't like Sundays...'

    Life As a predicted yesterday, today felt like another Sunday. Ended up watching the John Hughes film Some Kind Of Wonderful, endless tsunami coverage and tidying around. Actually went to a pub this evening with Chris once we'd finally swapped Christmas presents: a book about palm reading and phrenology hand (injoke, story here); a cd of one his old band Roosta's gigs and a book of The Worst Album Covers In The World ... Ever. During our second beer, after I told him about how things were going to change for me this year and shocked him that I hadn't heard anything by Franz Ferdinand he told me he didn't like Sundays. I told him it almost sounded like a song. And reminded him that we still had one more day off. That we'd be back in work after tomorrow. Agreed it was too soon but he seemed to cheer up.

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    Links for 2005-01-01 [del.icio.us]

  • My Favorite Smallware
  • TinyApps.Org
  • To: The Amnestic Me...
    Strangely poigniant now
  • big heads
    the Yahoo News trend
  • Pop stars unite for wave victims
    Aaah charity record. Possible line-up ... Sir Cliff Richard, Boy George, Russell Watson, Ronan Keating, the surviving members of the Bee Gees, Jamie Cullum, Chris Rea and Olivia Newton-John.
  • Belle de Jour posts one more time.
    Book out 13 January. Still don't like the cover though.
  • My Boring Adventure on Flickr
    A quest to take the most boring photograph
  • Humanitarian response to the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake@ Wikipedia