I'm Such An Idiom.

Life  Waiting for the moment to put the tea in the oven, I was just idly ego-googling and discovered, thanks to the magic of Google Books, that I'm quoted in the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary of Idioms!  Huh?

Both quotes are from this blog post in 2013 in which I talk about my hernia operation (the book gives a publication date of 2014).  

The first quote is for "cross your fingers" and is on the same page as an example taken from The Bible (Matthew's gospel).

The second quote illustrates "the end of the world" which given recent events (my Mum recently died which is why I haven't really felt like being here) is especially relevant.  Sometimes it does look like it could be ...

As you might expect, I've now ordered copy of the book so I can see if there's a bibliography and if it actually explains what "feeling listless" is.  Just glancing at it, you might think it's some bestselling novel, not that it has the most enticing title.