"The legendary Lucie Miller - chav extraordinaire"

Audio Well, yes, I was half right.

Lucie Miller returns!

Set during the original run, it's a boxed set of four new adventures with some of the best writers from that series returning:

The Dalek Trap by Nicholas Briggs
The Revolution Game by Alice Cavender
The House on the Edge of Chaos by Eddie Robson
Island of the Fendahl by Alan Barnes

As Scott Handcock points out, Big Finish spends much of its time slotting new adventures in for old Doctor/Companion pairings, so why not within its own continuity?  Wow.

August is Gone.

About New month, new logo bar and so for fans of Scandipop, its ...

Petra Marklund, better known as September.

She reached no 5 in the UK Pop Charts in 2008 with Cry for You:

The Other Side of the Wind.

Film This is an incredibly significant moment. When it was announced that Netflix would be funding the completion of the final film by Orson Welles, something he was unable to achieve himself during his own lifetime, I was very excited but cautious. Welles projects have been notorious in the torture with which they come to fruition and The Other Side of the Wind seemed like a pipedream.

Here it is, the first trailer and it looks magnificent. If the editing of the trailer is a guide, it's very much akin to late era Welles, especially F For Fake. Hopefully the good will can stretch to finishing some of his other projects especially The Deep which seems to have been incredibly close to completion from what I've read. 

And apart from all this, its simply going to pop up on the internet on the 2nd November to watch, no tortuous hope that it'll receive a UK cinema release or buying a blu-ray from the US hoping it'll be multi-region.  I suppose the big irony is that it seems like a picture all about film as a celluloid medium yet its delivery will by anything but.

What does someone on your street think about something?

Online I've long known that it's possible to use a wildcard search on Tweetdeck to fill a column with a stream of everything on Twitter at a given moment or at least as much as the API can handle to update with. But only today did I notice that you can combine this with a location search to essentially see what people are tweeting in your local area, as close as a 100m.

Within the "location" box you can search for your own city or locale.  When the map shifts close, change the radio to 100m and then shift the map to where you live and click.  The circle shifts to exactly where you live.  Change the radius to 1km and you have a stream of tweets from people who have their location turned on.

For my part that just means people visiting Sefton Park which could be exciting on an event day.  But I've increased the radius to 10km and turned on "verified users only" to limit things a bit which means I have a constantly updating news wire about Liverpool and a few of the surrounding areas.  Which isn't to say that opening it up to anyone isn't an entertaining free for all.

There are probably journalistically useful ways of utilising this.  If there's a major event happening you could choose the locale then narrow the radius until you're very close, so long as you have a rough idea of the area and patience with the map as it floats around in the tiny window.  Eurovision night should be a hoot ...