Be Good for Goodness's Sake (Short Trips: The History of Christmas).

Prose  A short but sweet entry from one of the annual seasonal anthologies.  A burglar is beaten by kindness from the Doctor.  The Time Lord doesn't want to spoil a nice family's Christmas.  It's about six pages and told from the point of view of the "hoodlum" breaking into the house.  Demonstrates that Eighth is one of the few incarnations who can slip into a domestic situation without bringing too much attention to himself.

Placement:  He's travelling with Charley who he refers to as a teenager so I'll put it in the section before Stones of Venice.

Best Seller (Short Trips: Monsters)

Prose  In an unexpected move, here's Big Finish with a story promoting the piracy of copyrighted material, especially if it has a limited print run and of high demand.  In a Short Trips anthology.  Is this what writers Ian Mond and Danny Oz intended?  Either way, there's a lot going on in Best Seller, from a group of literary fiction readers plotting to assassinate a popular fiction author, to the riotous destruction of a Melbourne bookshop which actually exists in the real world (and happens to be situated in somewhere called Fitzroy), to a conclusion which references the impending return of the television series (this was published in 2004).  In the midst of all that Charley does something immensely out of character (although there is a handwavy explanation) and the Doctor manages to solve the issue in a way which doesn't result in the genocide of an alien species for once (despite them causing the death of an old friend).

Placement:  In between With Charley Seasons One and Two.