'Yeah I do feel a lot better thanks ...'

TV No ... no ... mustn't watch ... but -- no -- but -- like ... look who's going to be on ...

John McCririck: racing pundit
Kenzie: Blazin' Squad singer
Jeremy Edwards: Actor
Lisa I'Anson: Radio 1 DJ
Germaine Greer: Author
Caprice: Model
Brigitte Nielsen: Model
Bez: Happy mondays singer

Brigitte Nielson!?! Bez!?! Germaine Greer!?! I think I'll wait for the book which Greer will inevitably write about the experience. Although the idea of seeing her colleagues on Late Review picking over the experience would also be thrilling. Tom Paulin's smirk would be worth seeing alone.

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  1. Yeh, I'm almost tempted to watch. Germaine Greer & Bez - nice one. Never watched it before and I remember when it was first reviewed on Newsnight GG was almost lost for words to describe how evil, voyeuristic, demeaning etc. it was. I still think so but GG lost the plot many years ago.