Film So is the DVD of 'The Phantom Menace' worth buying a player for? Well -- yes. Although famously I don't like this film, I actually positively feltl in love with it today. This is actually an unpublicised special edition -- the pod racer scene is developed and we find greater depth to the planet of Currocant. The picture quality allows the detail of some of the artwork shine through and although Binks still jars, I can at least marvel at the technical achievements. The extras are fascinating although weighted towards the technical aspects of film making (there are no interviews with the actors, for example, and little in the way of script development). The included documentary is great, although it may have been nice to have seen the equally superior BBC documentary put out at the time of the film's theatrical release. But is it Star Wars? Still -- no. But on it's own terms, it's still a superior experience.

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