Life I been having trouble with my default settings -- I'm not entirely satisfied with them. My default film is 'Star Wars' -- I'll look at my entire video collections (which is a cineaste version of that record collection in 'High Fidelity') wondering what to watch -- the entire history of film-making on offer and before too long the little orange writing is disappearing off into the distance. This isn't so bad -- my previous default films were 'Adventure in Babysitting' and 'St. Elmo's Fire'. I'm just wondering if I should just be getting out 'The Matrix' or that shiny DVD I have of 'American Beauty'. But you'll see my point better probably if you look at the list.

Television: Friends
CD: 'No Angel' Dido
Coffee: Black
Newspaper: The Guardian
Magazine: SFX
Website: Metafilter
Booze: Budweiser
Book: (email and I'll tell you)
Greeting: Hey you

Perhaps my problem is that these have been my defaults for too long. I need to break out. So rather like a Blue Peter presenter asking for names for the new Tortoise they've adopted I'm looking for suggestions. Since I can't change the big things in life, I want to nudge the little things. So what would you change? If you've been reading for a few weeks you'll know what I like, so why not suggest something to me I ought be trying. Drink, music, food, book, whatever. And anything you suggest I'll have go and post the results here. I can't say I'm going to like it, but I'll try anything once and I'm in the mood for an adventure...

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