Internet I can't put my finger on why I love this article by Max Adams from Silicon Sally. I think it's because when offered the brief to write about women and the internet she spends a thousand words talking about messages in bottles. Yet another example of professional bloginalia.

Wars The Force reports that the queue has started for Episode II. Don't you guys have anything better to do for the next four and half months!?!

Linux Schminux. The only wish list I've ever seen with 'closing remarks'.

Statistics and other nonsense Sorry about the patchy updates over the festive period, but its pleasing to see that the number of people visiting has levelled off at an average thirty hits a day -- I love that so many people care that much, and enjoying what they see. I received a lovely email from the Vodkabird, Vicky: "Just a quick note to say that I've really enjoyed your weblog over the past couple of months, and am sure I'll continue to do so. Your mobile phone story the other day made me laugh so hard, tea came out of my nose." Reading this was the biggest laugh I had that day. In other news, I noticed an upturn in hits from Bloghop. It turns out that 251 people have been nice enough to vote on the site, and I've come out at **** (77%). If this was a degree it would be a First in Bloginalia. 180 people love the site or think it's good. Staggeringly 50 think it sucks -- or is it one person with a grudge?


You know all and see all, but that doesn't prevent you from having a child-like innocence and a playful sense of humor. You obviously think very highly of yourself, but that's okay, everyone does. Told ya God was a woman!!

Journalism The main online news sources which trumpet minute by minute updates are in fact sluggish and often scooped by amateurs, with web-only content being the last priority, is the main jist of this article from the Online Journalism Review: "But sadly, many online news sites are mere repositories for their print edition and serve as short-term archives. Many of the top sites are not even attempting to cover breaking news. With few exceptions, the race among the most-read online news sites has turned into a competition to see which site can post wire copy the fastest." This is a good survey of how a few breaking news stories were covered by the main services.

Music Clicks and Klangs debates the nature of International Jazz with a look at the work coming from South Africa and Bombay. And 'The Fast Show' was completely correct. Direct quote from the article: "But it’s not all cheese-flavoured retro. Grupo Batuque, like Paul Horn, have created a rhythmic melange of percussive sounds from Brazilian, African and Indian sources. Add to this a dirty, sliding acoustic bass with no other augmentation and you have one of the cd’s most compelling tracks."

Obituary Antonio Todde is dead.

Media Danny Kelly has quit the 365 corporation now that its given up its on-line content. Well that's the story. The real news is nestled at the bottom... "Danny Kelly recently signed a deal with the BBC to host a football chat show with Danny Baker on Radio 5 Live." What again? After they said they'd never take Baker back because he was too much of risk? Yes!

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