TV Somewhere along the line I stopped watching television. Or actually I watch a lot of television but not just to watch. I watch only particular programmes. But looking back over the past week, the only shows I can remember making a date for were Buffy (of course) and the music comedy quiz 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks' -- everything else has passed me by. The only other times I watch are in the moments when I wake up and let the news headlines at seven in the morning wash over me, a bit of Mtv during breakfast (followed by the opening for the day of BBC Knowledge when the repeating fire ring turns into something -- I'll miss that when BBC4 starts) and BBC News 24 during dinner (wondering why all of the young female newsreaders have taken their fashion tips from Muira Stewart circa 1991).

There is a perfect rationale for all of this. Documentaries have become increasingly simplistic and 'accessable' to the point that I don't feel like I'm learning anything (even Horizon is heading in the direction -- they're doing 'alternate realities' next week -- dread to think how that'll turn out). With soap operas taking up all of the pre-watershead half our slots before the watershed, there are no short series dramas before nine o'clock -- why does drama have to be on after ten at night? Why does it have to be a cop show, medical show or about relationships?

So I find myself increasingly watching video and DVD. It's limiting I know -- there isn't as much scope for surprise because I'm selecting what I'm going to see -- there isn't room to turn over and find some interesting programme I missed during my glance at the schedules...but people don't select the next book they're going to read this way so I suppose I should be content with that.

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