TV The odour of disappointment which surrounds the third Big Brother series can be smelt by us all. For two years people in offices have had something to talk about -- a chance for men and women, and women and women to break the ice over a drinks machine. Now there is only one topic -- "It's crap isn't it." It's almost as though one of the last few collective experiences has been wiped out. Here is the comment I wrote about BB2 which was published at the BBC News website:
"The classic formulae for a lower budget film is to have ten or less people in a house and getting them to sit around talking about their problems. With Big Brother, I had traces of 'The Usual Suspect', with its misguided loyalties and shifting realities, blended with the desperation to be liked found in 'Bodies, Rest and Motion'.
Big Brother 2 already feels like a lighter concoction, an ensemble drama in the tradition of 'The Big Chill' and 'Queens Logic' but with the hipper coarser side of Richard Linklater's 'Slacker' and Kevin Smith's 'Clerks'.
It will be interesting to follow whether these people, so prepared to be open with each other now, will become more secretive as the final prize slowly comes within their grasp."
Still proud I managed to get the direct to video classic which no one has seen 'Queen's Logic' in a highlighted quote on a BBC webpage, but anyway. I wrote that because I genuinely like the people who appeared through the door last year. Brian and Narinder were funny together. Elizabeth was lovely, and I liked Dean's music. Even Bubble has something. But this year? Having watched the documentary "How not to get on Big Brother", I can't believe that production team, when faced with the people they rejected, decided to pick such a personality free, uninteresting bunch of people. I think one of them said it best the other night -- "It's a bit like being on the worst package tour in the world, you just keep hoping it will get better..." It might be like that for you, but we're being asked to watch it.

Perhaps I'm being slightly unfare. Sandy, the personal shopper, created some interest the first day with his kilt. And Sunita has created a few sparks. But in the core of the group there isn't anything for these personalities to bounce off. It's almost like trying to do the full text of 'Hamlet' in front of a group of five year old. You just aren't going to engage them. So without anyone to lighten they're or hell understand them, they've drawn into themselves. Sunita actually has the potential to be another Nick Bateman. Sadly she's already having second thoughts about even being there. And since she represents a core part of the Channel 4's audience unless something exciting happens (and an early eviction simply doesn't cover this) by week six they're going to be in serious trouble... I mean would you want to watch a final wee which consisted of Jade, Sandy and whatsisface?

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