Film Fametracker clicks on to Kevin Bacon:
"The question is: how did Kevin Bacon get here? What is he, Wayne Newton, all riffing on himself in a damn Visa ad? I mean, it's all well and good for a celebrity to have a sense of humour about himself, but there is a time and place to display it. Go on Conan and do a "Bacon Secrets" segment; don't give even MORE attention to the dipshits who made up this stupid game about you by referencing it in a credit-card ad. IN WHICH YOU PLAY YOURSELF. That's for Donald Trump and Mr. T., not ostensibly respectable actors.
There has been a spate of formerly very well known film stars ... not making films anymore. Demi Moore gave it up after GI Jane. Melanie Griffith hasn't been around for a while. Alex Winter. You know. Bill or Ted -- whichever wasn't Keanu in that movie with the phone box but not Daleks.

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