Sculpture I've been to a few of Richard Serra's exhibitions about the place and I've always been impressed by the scale of the work. He creates pieces which are meant to be interacted with physically, usually by walking side them. He'll create a giant spiral steel wall and you'll find yourself lost in the colours and shapes:
"I built a piece for Jasper Johns, about 1970, with a small plate that I was using as a template to splash against. I placed the plate in the corner and realized that it was freestanding. Then I took a single 8-by-24-foot plate and just let it bisect the corner of a room (Strike, 1971), which divided and declared the space. You had to walk around the room to see the piece. You could not separate the perception of the piece from its site or, in a more general sense, from the continuum of space."
These are alien enviroments with in gallery spaces without special effects. [Interview in Sculpture Magazine]

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