Web I was happy to get an email back from the admin of pickupyourowndamnsock, the website for women who can't believe what lazy goodfornothings their boyfriends and husbands really are (I haven't linked to them before because everyone else has). I'd been in touch because as I predicted at Metafilter, the site got a mention in The Guardian on Saturday. They've asked that I send along the actual printed copy which I'll be happy to do when I get an address. It has occured to me how odd it is that out of the entire reader ship of the paper (something like half a million) it didn't seem like anyone else has got in touch. This is a real shame because I thought the internet was a community and a great number of us do read the afformentioned organ. Letting people know that their work is getting some kind of recognition can only brighten their day, surely (unless it's negative, but in The Guardian column their is often very little criticism -- sarcasm usually). So I've got one paper covered. If your newspaper or magazine runs an article about a personal website, why not get in touch with the subject? It could be your good deed for the day. Think of the extra karma at least. These favours do get re-paid somehow I'm sure.

[That last part sounded like a spam email -- oh well -- but you get the idea. Perhaps we could start some kind of campaign or whatever]

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