Who The story of ‘Shada’ is legendary in Doctor Who circles. It was to be the classic end of Season Seventeen, and Douglas Adams great swansong. Tom Baker was at the height of his power. But after location recording was completed around Oxford and some studio work, industrial action meant the show was never completed. Although there was talk of remounting and completing the piece the following year other internal politics prevailed and nothing happened. Eventually Adams reused large chunks of the plot in ‘Dirk Gently’ and subsequently refused to novelise the original. The footage eventually surfaced on BBC Video, with proceeds to charity, and filmed inserts by Tom Baker (still mad as a hatter) at an exhibition screaming ‘SHADA’ into the camera menacingly. This was deleted when stocks ran out and the story again returned to history.

Now it’s back, in a new production on BBCi from Big Finish Audio. It’s been slightly re-written to incorporate Paul ‘its only a matter of time until I play him on TV you know – c’mon I dare you’ McGann as the Eighth Doctor but everything else seems present and correct – its even got Lalla ‘I married Tom’ Ward as Romana. And K9 is in it. With sitcom legends Melvyn Hayes and Andrew Sachs. Considering the original Shada has slipped into continuity, I know there are going to be some fans who aren’t going to like it. Actually I find it a shame they couldn’t have include McGann’s audio companion Charley (India Fisher) in there somewhere. She’s the best thing to happen to Who in years ...

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