Life You’ll notice of late I haven’t been writing much about recent history. I’m usually pretty tight lipped about my personal life anyway, but for a few weeks it’s been reviews and links all the way. There is perfect, simple reason. I’m actually quite happy and content. My job is nice and mundane without being completely uninteresting; I’m in Liverpool so I haven’t got to travel for miles to get anywhere; it’s in the centre of town so my lunch hours aren’t a complete waste; and it’s moderately paid which means I can boost my savings, while at the same time slice off some of my mounting credit card balance and pursue my other pleasures.

For a while I hadn’t been in love or for that matter been in a fancying mood. I had wondered if something had gone terribly wrong I think it was a phase. I momentarily fell in love at least twice today; I’m feeling more relaxed about that whole thing. I was never desperate, so much as worried. Now I’m resigned to a kind of whatever happens, happens. I can see my past mistakes, know what those damn signals mean and I’m now in the box marked pending.

But if I was to write about this here it would make for less than thrilling copy. We’ve all read weblogs which have key phrases such as ‘Had a good day at work.’ ‘The traffic on the road was OK on my way home.’ and ‘Here are some more pictures of my cat.’ That’s never been what this ongoing adventure has been about. Drama is conflict, and I still want to keep things interesting, tempting you in with rumours, heresay and clues. And you can be sure I’ll be here when the next bomb drops.

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