TV The other final episode last night was 'Cold Feet' (if your american it's a grittier version of 'thirtysomething' with more drugtaking, drinking and swearing), and as usual with such things it was head and shoulders over the rest of its proceeding series. I've thought that the 90 minute format used this year did stretch things at times (not enough plot to go round) but on this occasion things were all present and correct; this was one the best episodes in years, and the first time in a long time that it actually felt like 'Cold Feet' (the tone hasn't always been right for the past year or so ... basically since Fay Ripley left).From the opening title sequence which was a direct reference to 'The Big Chill' (how many people watching will have noticed that some of the shots were almost an exact duplicate?) to the slapstick surrounding Rachel's ashes, this was demonstration of the show at it's best, combining comedy and tragedy in the same beats and moments. Those final moments somehow offering a glimpse of how a series never to come might turn out -- Karen finally accepting Ramona as an equal or friends; Pete and Jenny (and l'l Adam) moving back in together as though that last few years haven't happened; David choosing the lawyer for his future; and that last shot ghostly memory of Rachel disappearing into Adam's taxi was simply perfect. See you later, yer bollocks.

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