Alanis I know this news is a fortnight old, but Rolling Stone reports she's back in the studio recording a new album. Still bonkers:
Although the songs are not yet written, Morissette knows that they will reflect the world's current upheaval, however indirectly. "I will always write about the microcosm that can be extrapolated into the macro," she says. "Something that's going on between myself and another person can be extrapolated between what's going on between Saddam Hussein and Bush. It's the same schoolyard, sandbox issue. So my preference isn't to stand on a soapbox and say what I think they should do when I possess the same qualities that they may be showing on a grander scale. I much prefer to write about my own relationships rather than pointing fingers."
'Under Rug Swept' really grew on me after a while so this may be a good thing. Keep the ideas small though ...

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