War So what were 'we' supposed to be doing in Iraq anyway? The London Review of Books tries to reclaim the Bullshit ...
"The letters we've published in the LRB in the past weeks trying to reclaim the strong sense of the word 'bullshit' were timely, now that we're having to shield our eyes and ears from a sandstorm of official cant: the cant first of all that kept revising the motives supposedly justifying the present reprise of the Gulf War, which to no one's surprise turned out to be more and more of a humanitarian kind the nearer we came to the actual bombing and shooting; and the cant that goes with the reporting of the war, which is being waged, we're assured, with 'depravity' on one side - e.g. Mr Blair's false claim that two British soldiers had been 'executed', rather than killed in action - and with every humane consideration by the cap-à-pie armoured proponents of Shock and Awe."
I once recoiled in horror at school because I saw somone cooking what I thought was drugs in a Heinz Chicken Soup tin. It turned out actually to be Chicken Soup.

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