Big Brother The final, final word goes to Matthew Rudd returning correspondent to Off The Telly, with the piece I couldn't have written. Many, many trueisms all around:
"Nobody knew a thing about the dozen who walked through the door on May 23, so it's remarkable to look back now and see the names of the four who were dubiously put forward for eviction on those wretched 'first impressions'. It got Anouska, easily the most talked about first victim of any series, kicked out, yet she went on to grab huge attention, enjoyed a stint in the Australian BB and even had banners in her honour on the final night (something which BB3's Lynne certainly couldn't claim). Federico, Jon and Scott all became worthy and rounded contestants having survived. Yet others, like Justine, Gos and Sissy, contributed next to nothing in the house and one of those has become a fearful, more hateable laughing stock since eviction with her self-obsessive behaviour in print and onscreen."
Can you imagine how entertaining it would have been if Jon had found out when he was sitting in the chair that he had in fact been up for the public vote, and again the look on his fellow housemates faces as they all slowly drifted away still leaving him work his way towards being the winner? "10:30pm. Ray is in the kitchen sharpening up a carving knife" Still, there is still the possibility he could be called up for BBUSA duty.

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