Music If you're in the UK and buying one single this week, it really should be Siobhan Donaghy's Twist of Fate, a really natty bit of pop, if only for the video which seem to be taking the piss out of the kind of videos single white girl singers appear in (In the first section she stands in the centre of four hired in dancers giving there all. But she just looks at them and walks away. Reminds me of early Debbie Harry actually). This Observer article goes some way to explaining what happened with The Sugababes:
"What happened in Japan to precipitate walking out of the band and flying back to London alone? She shrugs, folds her arms. 'We did have a falling out in Japan, me and Keisha. But. I dunno. It was just never good. Right from the start. We just didn't get on. We ignored each other and went about our business. It was very much a working relationship and we couldn't even work at that. You know all those photos of us refusing to smile? I was just really unhappy and I couldn't be arsed.' "
Her official site is also very interesting, a magazine in flash format which flicks through to the page you're looking for. [The Guardian reviews a concert here]

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