News I've been signed up to the Newsnight daily email for a few months, and it's a good insight into the minds of the presenters. Kirsty Walk tends to be all business, Gavin Esler is quite playful. Jeremy Paxman is bonkers, and always includes a joke. I had to post this one because I'm trying to work out if it's funny. I think it maybe, but I'm not sure why. The next voice you hear is that of Mr Paxman.
"Finally, among the 1,217 emails in my inbox was the following news of CIA attempts to recruit an assassin. I may have passed it on before, but it's more suitable for repetition than most of them.

"After carrying out the relevant background checks and interviews the CIA
was left with a shortlist of two men and one woman. Each was approached
for the final test by the assessor outside a locked room. First up is
one of the men. The CIA man says: "We must be sure that you can follow orders whateverthe circumstances. Inside this room you will find your wife sat on a
chair. Kill her."
"You can't be serious," shouts the man. "I could never do that."
"Thank you sir," says the CIA agent. "You're not suitable for this job. Please leave via that doorway."
The second male candidate is more resolute, takes the gun and enters the room. After a long five minutes of silence he walks out shaking his head. "I just couldn't do it - sorry." He too is dismissed.
Finally the agent gives the woman the same instructions, ordering her to kill her husband. The woman enters the room, from which emerge screams, crashes, bangs and groans. Silence eventually falls, the door opens and the woman walks out, wiping the sweat from her brow. "The damn gun was loaded with blanks," she says. "I had to beat him to death with the chair."
You sign yourself up here. With all these BBC links you'd think I worked for them.

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