BookCrossing Traffic: The Screenplay, found at The Filmworks in Manchester. The findee wrote:
"the book sat very out of place on a metal table at the entrance to manchesters printworks uci cinema, yet being a screenplay it was not out of
place at all. i picked it up out of curiosity and was excited to find it was one of the books i had heard about on the news. unfortuneately, being a screenplay i have to admit that i read it out of some self manifested stigma originating from the fact that since the book was left there for someone to find and read before passing on, i had to read it. traffic great film, just never been into screenplays....the book if such a thing exists would of been more enjoyable....for me that is.... i hope you enjoy the experience of being part of something new and creative as much as i have. later
This is really interesting. Someone I don't know has a book I had a week ago on my shelf.

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