Music Shelby Lynne has a new album imminent, an acoustic concoction she recorded for herself:
"'It (was) the first time in my life that I didn't have a deal,' said Lynne. 'It was great for me. I don't think this record could have been made with a deal. Nobody would have ever let me make this record. It is the most uncommercial ... it is unthinkable to think about putting a record like this out to the public. It is not something they are conditioned to hearing. It has an old time-y feel, the songs and the light production, simple. No fancy stuff. No frills. It would be difficult to put this music out there in comparison to anything else that is mainstream, I guess. It just wouldn't work.' "
I'm a big fan of her prevous work, Love, Shelby, in fact one of the tracks Jesus on a Greyhound is permanently burned to the feeling listless soundtrack. Listening to her early new country albums it is difficult to reconcile the singer -- how can a style change so much? It can, it did and I'm still listening two years later. I'll be interested to hear if this new bare bones approach has led to another change in sensibilities.

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