TV I know that some regular readers were phobic to the charms of Look Around You the series of short parodies of the Granada schools programmes broadcast during the Seventies and Eighties. Although I avoided them at school, before This Morning they were all ITV could offer me during the frequent sicknesses I had as a child. So I only really get the joke by stealth.

But this is another instance of my past following me around. In every episode, the brother of Peter Serafinowicz, one of the co-creators (and the voice of Darth Maul), appears as the sample student wearing a uniform from my old school. The black one with the blue bands. It's a joke that only a certain number of people could get, but it's presence bugs me because Serafinowicz went to rival school St. Francis Xavier (which he mentions on the audio commentary). I'll let you know when I've tried Experiment One.

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