Film Steve Rosenblum has been working in film editing for nearly twenty years, and with exception such as X-Men he's collaborated almost exclusively with Ed Zwick, he of Glory, The Siege and of course thirtysomething Here he talks to MovieMaker Magazine about that collaboration and working on the new film The Last Samurai, and proving my long held belief that editors hardly ever look at the script:
"I read the script and I may refer back to it a couple of times during the editing, but I hardly use it at all. I’m a disaster on some levels to script supervisors. My assistants use their notes all the time, but I don’t because the things I’m interested in are not whether the actor matches what he did previously; you can always find ways around the technical problems. The emotional through-lines are really what editing is about—and storytelling is really what it is. It’s sort of musical storytelling."
He also makes seemingly non-sensical point about The Matrix and character -- then I remembered Reloaded and let it go.

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