That Day So yes, Happy New Year and Christmas for that matter. I hope you enjoyed this year's review. A big thank you again to all the contributors, best wishes to you all. I'm going to post a sort of special features / epilogue soon so if anyone has at all has got any comments don't hesitate to get in touch -- the vacuum is stifling.

We'll catch up properly in a couple of days. In the mean time, I contribute a little bit to this year's Off The Telly year end television review (an embrassingly little bit actually -- Christmas and some other project sucked up what time I had so I didn't actually present as much as I would have liked). Luckily my incoherent mumblings about the John McEnroe gameshow 'The Chair' didn't make it in so I didn't embarass myself too much. Can I also suggest a glance through this Google News search. Where else can you find out about how 2003 went for the Monroe Courier or The International Sailing Federation?

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