Film Too sleepy for full reviews so a quick round up. Looney Tunes -- Back In Action wipes the slate clean after the Space Jam debarkle with a film which is a laugh riot and perfectly in tune with the roots of the characters. Unfortunately it's also heavy with references that can also on really be appreciated by anyone who has seen far too many movies, and I was perfectly happy that some bits and pieces went right over my head (although I did laugh at a sound reference to the DVD of Moulin Rouge which could not have been a co-incidence so I'm probably geekier than most). Also worth seeing is The Gingerbread Man in which a well worn formula, the John Grisham film, is handed off the a film maker unaccustomed, Robert Altman. As you'd expect the result is fabulously idosyncratic, what with Ken Branagh doing his usual not totally convincing American accent (see also Celebrity and a music track which seems have wondered in from another film. But it does benefit from being the only one not based on a book and does have some twists which aren't obvious from the start.

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