Meme Suw's been looking back over the past year and everything which has been happening to her and part of her attempt to come to terms with everything includes looking at what we all, the people who's blogs she reads were doing this day last year. I was amazed to find it was 365(ish) days ago that I decided it would be a really good idea to eat the five recommended pieces of fruit all together. Haven't done that since. Partly because my own imagination is all tapped out, also because if I write any more about the circus (the music for which I actually found myself humming out loud involuntarily on the bus today) I'll go crazy and because frankly its a great idea, here are the things that the my favourite bloggers were doing this time last year ...
- Robyn was experiencing the dangers of pubic transport (ie, fellow passengers) and suffering from the Lurgy.
- Caro was succinct in how she was feeling.
- The most popular discussions at Fark were about reaching the half millionth link and a fashion tip from Naomi Campbell that they should disregard the idea of underwear, which somehow manages to encapsulate what I love about that site.
- Jason didn't post. Neither did Rebecca.
- Vegard looked to experiencing media overload and blogging paralysis. Happens to us all.
- Onlineblog were excited about IBM's new profit figures. I still fantasize about these guys having a separate group blog which specifically talks about everything but computers and so we can see what that looks like.
- Neil was excited about pitting and teletubbies.
- The Metafilter people discussed their favourite films (again) and a new form of halluciniogenic drug.
- Vicky was nervous about Scottish Nationalism.
- Emily didn't post.
- John was on Safari. I'm still happy using IE6. Am I wrong?
- Plep linked to many, many different things.
- MilkPlus didn't think the film Anger Management was up to much.
- The Iraqi Information Minister [via Darren]
- Happy Birthday Suw!
I need to read more personal sites I think.

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