Publishing Another one goes to the great newsagents in the sky. Internet Magazine is closing. I've been on their email alert list for ages so it was a suprise to recieve this rather heartfelt goodbye:
"As some of you might have heard, Internet Magazine is closing. We’ve just finished the July issue - out on 18 May - and that will be our last. The site should remain alive for another few weeks, but it will also close soon. Magazine subscribers will be refunded or offered a subscription to another Emap title. This will be the last email newsletter you receive, and the database will be deleted.

Internet Magazine has been Emap’s only computing title for quite a while, and the company has decided it wants to focus on its core markets. Our market has been particularly tough over the last few years and there are just too few people buying Internet titles these days. It’s all very sad, but I think most of us understand why this decision has been made.

Working for Internet Magazine has been great fun and we’re all immensely proud of what we have produced over the years. We believe it has always been a top quality publication, and we know that many others will be sad to see it go.
It;s my fault of course, I didn't buy the magazine itself (preferring the more current Web User) but they are right -- there are far too many magazines on the subject out there and not all of them can survive. See you around.

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