Awards Boycott

Film It's the award season and I was expecting that I would gladding on about who should be winning which statue were. But significantly I haven't the inclination. After many years I've come to the conclusion that despite a few recent anomolies, the really good films, the films you actually want to see more than once and my goodness have a relationship with over time never win.

I see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind up for a Bafta, something inspirational and frankly about the time we live in and I can already imagine Scorsese strolling up on stage to collect another award for The Aviator. It's good to see things by Shane Meadows and Edgar Wright in there, and Kate Winslet doing a Scarlett Johanssen with two nominations, but where hell are Before Sunset or The Bourne Supremacy, both of which are doing something entirely new with their relative genres? What makes Richard Greengrass' directing in the latter any worse than Michael Mann in Collateral?

I'm just disappointed that a seemingly random series of films are picked out for glory when there are equally good movies being released which don't get recognition. It's old news, true, but it's finally become annoying for me which is why I'm boycotting suggesting what's going to win this year. Which isn't to say I won't be watching the ceremonies. After all I might miss moments like William Shatner getting an award for acting. Who would have thought something like that would ever happen?
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  1. I said the exact same thing about William Shatner in my blog post about the Golden Globes.

    And I'm totally with you on the Before Sunset and Bourne Supremacy thing.