"You didn't ring the bell."

The Buses So I've walked the length of the bus and I'm standing near the door waiting to get off. As the stop approaches, we sail past I look up at the driver, and say as nice as I can.
"We've gone past the stop."
"I was I supposed to know you wanted to get off?" He says, "I'm not clarevoyant."
I think he's going to stop the bus. But no we just keep on going.
"But I'm standing near the door." I explain.
"You didn't ring the bell."
I look at him through the driver's mirror. I look back at the passengers, some of whom are blinking trying to work out what his issue is. Someone smiles sympathetically. I start to wonder. Is this man going to keep manically driving until someone rings the bell?
So like the dancing monkey that I am, I ring the bell.
"There ..." he says, and I'm not making this up, "That wasn't too difficult was it?"
The bus stops at the next stop, five minutes walk away from home. I make show of taking the number of the bus, and say something like sarcey barsteward quietly to myself as I'm getting off.

[Someone who reads the blog that I've met in the real world mentioned that I seem to have a lot of trouble with buses. This one's for him.]

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  1. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Thanks for that. Made me smile though I don't suppose it was amusing for you at the time.