Rest of my life. Day One.

Life I handed my notice in at work today. In four weeks I'll be voluntarily out of work. The real details can wait for another time but I do feel like a weight's been lifted of my shoulders. It ended up being a surprise for everyone I work with, through necessity -- you can't just suggest that you might be leaving -- it sounds too vague and you can't settle. What of the chance you might change your mind?

It's time to make some kind of a change, move on up or sideways and this is the big leap. It's not a choice I've made lightly, I haven't suddenly decided to do this in the last few days. For weeks I've been thinking about it. I have my long term plans and it's time to put them in action. I've always been good at keeping secrets, especially the personal ones.

I've really wanted to write about it here, but I'm not that sort of blogger; and I know some people are reading so I've had to keep my feelings about this from you too. Sorry about that. On a lighter note I'm going to be out in the world more and be inspired to write more. Where have I heard that before? Man gives up job and spends more time with his weblog...


  1. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Good for you Stu. Hope it all works out, whatever it is! Don't stay in bed all day.