Road To Beijing: Michelle Dillon

The Road To Beijing Michelle Dillon was fifth in the ITU World Cup on yesterday in Corner Brook, a city of 20,000 in Canada?s easternmost province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Her British team mate Andrea Whitcombe was first:
"The leaders sped through the bike-to-run transition, with Murray emerging first onto the four-lap, 10km hilly run. But Whitcombe soon moved into the lead, with Kornell, Niwata, Swail and Murray close behind. Despite the best efforts of the chasers, Whitcombe coasted to victory as Swail out sprinted Niwata for second place. Kornell posted her best World Cup finish in fourth, and Michelle Dillon posted the fastest run split of the day to round out the top five."
Which actually sounds quite similar to her form in the Olympics. [about]


  1. Anonymous11:24 pm

    What is the road to beijing ????

  2. Hey Tully.

    I added that [about] tab because I knew someone would ask. It's all in this post.