dvd I've just received a final email from ScreenSelect regarding the fire ...
"We are writing regarding the fire that we suffered in our DVD rental warehouse on 1 September, which has caused some delays in turning around your DVDs over the last few days. We want to give you an update and some good news.

We now know that the fire started in another unit on our business park, and spread through five other units - reaching our warehouse last. The emergency services' response was fantastic, and they managed to prevent the fire from spreading to much of our facility. Nobody was hurt, but there was water damage and fire damage.

This had the following impact on our service last week:
We did not lose any days of processing returned DVDs and new DVDs.
We lost 2 days of dispatching DVDs - Friday 2nd and Monday 5th September.
We resumed dispatching DVDs on Tuesday 6th September, 3 working days after the fire.
We are now operating at normal weekly volumes. As usual, the majority of our dispatches are members' top choices. We believe this service level remains the best available in the UK.
Our website and customer data is stored securely in another location and was completely unaffected.

We are very sorry for the few days of disruption. We will credit your account with one week's FREE service as compensation. This compensation will be applied no later than Friday September 16th provided your account remains active. It will take effect on your next billing date.
I have to say -- they've been very good since the incident and kept visitors to the site up to date. A week free is decent enough compensation and if they passed this on to everyone is a big dent in their finances. Hopefully they were insured ....
[Updated: I mean they could have shut up shop for two weeks to get their house in order then got back to work. But under the circumstances they've continued working to put the customer first. Many gold stars for that.]


  1. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Yeah, don't worry they've had a fire that could have ruined their business and livelyhood !

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