Review 2005 already

Review 2005 Long term readers might remember the Review 2003 which is still probably one of the most exciting moments on the blog. Last year's didn't quite have the same potency. Again I've been looking at the festive period wondering how I can capture the days and weeks and months which ran before it.

To the point: this year I would like to invite guestbloggers, one for each day in December, to describe a moment when they suceeded in doing something they've always wanted to do this year. For example, I'd want to write about returning to university. But it could be as simple as being able to see a film, trying a type of food or going to a concert. It doesn't need to be a life changing event, but it really could be. It depends how open you would like to be. But what counts is how it made you feel.

If you would like to participate, you don't need to send the entry now (particularly since there are still a few months left), just an intent via email (, and then it would be good to have everything in by the end of November. You don't need to be a blogger yourself to take part too, but if you do have a website of some kind I'll be pleased to include a link backwards. Thank you.

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