Walking and listening

Life Two extraordinary things happened today. The first was that I found out what was at the other end of the road that begins at Oxford Road Station. I thought that it would take me just a couple of hours to find out. Five hours later, after fighting through wind, rain and snow, I'd passed under something like the M60 motorway and past Manchester Airport and I discovered a fork in the road. But at least I'll not be wondering. The questions been answered.

The other extraordinary thing was that I saw the first public performance of a piece of music written over fifty years ago. The Rivoli Quartet plus claranetist played the university composition of Patrick Rivers who graduated in the 1950s. He didn't end up in that career because he was called up for national service. Which is a shame because from the opening bars it was one of the most exciting pieces of music I've ever heard. That it took this long to be heard is a tragedy and I hope that someone took note and it'll be played again elsewhere. Rivers was their to introduce the piece and he was obviously overjoyed. Not a dry eye in the house.

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