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Interview: Stephen Gaghan, Writer-Director of Syriana, Part Two @ Cinematical
"All the people who are criticizing Syriana right now in the right-wing radio and talk-show circuit ... they haven't seen it. It's like me talking about Ann Coulter; I've never seen her; I've never really seen a word she's said..."

Viacom and therefore Paramount buys Dreamworks

Miniature Tardis prop at auction
Anyone else find the photo which accompanies this article slightly disturbing?

This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute To The Beatles' Rubber Soul Review @ Rolling Stone
Feature a Nelly McKay cover of 'If I Needed Someone'

Sunshine » Interview With The Bad Astronomer
"The other day I decided to Skype Phil to have a chat about Sci-Fi, bad movie science and travelling to the Sun?"

Diaries of A Lady of Quality: Kean
Miss Frances Williams Wynn reviews the not so recent production of 'Othello' and not the pop rock beat combo.

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